SEO Derby (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO in Derby from Spark Agency can help you reach new customers that don’t know about you, but that are looking for your products and services online. Our SEO Derby service can help your business grow.

Rank Higher on Google

Our SEO Derby services utilise our knowledge and skills to market your business on the world's most popular search engine. We work with you and your website to rank your brand and it's digital presence for keywords both nationally and locally; helping your brand to reach new potential customers from across the United Kingdom.

Be Discovered Online

SEO is great for increasing brand awareness. It allows your business to be found on search engines by potential customers who need your product or service. The top results on Google get a significant portion of the search traffic for that keyword, making it vital for your business to rank as highly as possible.

Stay Competitive

Your competitors could be being found online by having good SEO practises, how many customers are going to use your competitors because they don’t know you exist. Our SEO Derby services aim to keep you relevant to the search engines and potential customers.

Increased Sales Potential

By implementing SEO onto your website and in turn increasing your reach and brand awareness, you will attract more visitors to see your business' products and services via your website. This results in an increased potential for leads and sales; which itself benefits the website's SEO.

Improved Credibility

With growing competition aiming to capture consumer demand your search engine ranking could be a deciding factor for a customer's purchasing decision. By being one of the first results they see when searching for your product/service you are perceived as more reliable.

Consistent User Experience

Through the process of analysing and implementing SEO for your business' website not only will search engines find your website easier to navigate, but often it means so will your visitors/potential consumers.


SEO in Derby, London or Manchester, it’s very important. Why? When a person is looking for your products or services online, is it you they’re finding or is it your competitors? Is a competitor of yours dominating Google with SEO in Derby, and your business isn’t being found online? Your website is your most important digital asset. The right investment in SEO with our Derby SEO executives can increase sales, brand awareness and really help your business grow.

SEO Derby visual showing the importance of SEO
Offering the SEO Derby businesses need at a National and Local level


Whether you’re looking for your website to rank in your local area with Derby focused SEO, or you’d like to be found nationally, we can help.

Local SEO is the specific optimisation of your website and its content for a keyword valuable to your business but with the addition of a location identifier. An example of this is how we currently target Derby based businesses for our SEO services, as such we optimise our page so that we can rank highly for “SEO Derby” or variations of this keywords such as “Derby SEO” or “SEO in Derby”. Refining the keyword(s) like this reduces the competition in search engine results; this reduced competition then means you can focus solely on being better optimised than local businesses rather than the entire country or the rest of the world.

Offering the SEO Derby businesses need at a National and Local level

This for a lot of businesses (specifically those with physical locations) can result in a number of benefits including increased sales, in-store visits and brand awareness (outlined in this Hubspot article). It also means that if your business offers products or services that aren’t limited to a specific location you can look to target multiple locations that you do. An example is again how we optimise this page on the website to specifically target Search Engine Optimisation in Derby but that we have and can provide our services for business across the country.

We perform all our of SEO from our Derby offices. We don’t outsource and we certainly don’t break the rules of Google, using white hat SEO techniques only. With all of the optimisation and strategies that we implement we will never intentionally use shortcuts with the Google algorithm to get short-term boosts in keyword ranks.

What to expect from OUR SEO DERBY Service

When our Derby SEO team takes on your website to implement SEO, it’s important to understand what to expect. We’ve seen SEO Agencies in Derby and all over the country offering guaranteed results for a variety of different prices. With SEO services such as ours you pay for the time and experience of the people making the optimisation/changes to your website and its content.

To ensure we achieve the best results for you we begin the process by working with you to identify and target specific keywords that hold the most value both financially and non-financially for your business. This guarantees that all SEO effort is being directed into areas that will yield the highest returns.

Our approach and the client's involvement

At Spark Agency we primarily focus on the on-page optimisation needed as for a lot of our clients this is a major area of most SEO strategies that they are lacking in. Once the website is optimised to a good standard we can then proceed to developing high quality back links and ensure a consistent listing of their business across a variety of business indexes and social media.

SEO isn’t an overnight process, the timing it takes to see results may vary depending on how competitive the keywords are. It involves a lot of research before any physical implementation of SEO techniques can be completed and after optimisation changes are made the subsequent time that keyword positioning movements are seen varies based on a wide variety of factors that over time change in prioritisation to the search engine. Because of this we work on a monthly basis to continually develop how valuable and relevant your website is to Google.

However, for some of the SEO we complete we require the client’s help and support with creating high quality content that is factually accurate and that has value to the visitors to the website. In addition, with the determining SEO weighting changing to being more focused on engagement such as business reviews and your social media we will often discuss how the client will need to play an active part in certain aspects of the SEO process.

Speak to our Derby SEO executive today! We look forward to speaking to you about a strategy to increase your business' audience.