Hosting, SSL Certificate

It’s important to have the right hosting to ensure the foundations of a successful website are in place.

Virtual Private Server

We use a VPS as we control how many websites are hosted on it. The advantage behind this is we don’t overload our servers, to ensure we don't leave you competing for bandwidth and your website speed suffering.

SSL Certificates

An SSL is essential for protecting your site visitor's data against any form of fraud or identity theft. SSLs guard visitor's data by providing encryption on the data the website sends and receives.

Our hosting approach

When hosting on our VPS, you won’t have any headaches, as it’s all managed by us. You can focus on your business without worrying that your website will go down and how you’ll fix it.

We focus on ensuring our VPS hosting customers receive consistently high speed connections, ensuring your hosting never holds your website back. We pledge to keep our servers healthy and to ensure that a client's website is never being impacted by an overcrowded server.

Why an SSL is important for your website

An SSL is important to have on all websites. When your visitors see the green padlock next to the domain, it instantly increases trust, leading to a higher potential for sales. To learn more we recommend Ahrefs blog article explaining why an SSL is important for security

SSL’s are also beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google loves trustworthy websites, and with their main focus to increase safety and user experience, websites with an SSL Certificate are often rewarded in terms of Google’s rankings. How do we know this? Google themselves posted an article explaining it all: Google's official blog post explaining HTTPS as a ranking signal

Let’s give your website the super-fast hosting it deserves! We would love the opportunity to work with you on hosting your website.